• Towards a sustainable development of the coastal systems of Patagonia

What is CHONOS?

CHONOS is an oceanographic information system whose products and applications are the result of environmental studies based on numerical modeling. CHONOS aims to improve the management and spatial planning of the marine territory, as well as the management of environmental and health contingencies.

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Team work

CHONOS was developed by the Oceanography and Climate Group, a part of the Patagonian Coastal Systems Research Center, based in Putemún (Castro-Chiloé). The CHONOS Oceanography and Climate group is made up of professionals from different academic fields but with common motivations and a focus on the oceanography of coastal systems.

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Oceanographic and Atmospheric Operational Forecast Model.


Particle Dispersion Forecast Model.


Explorer of historical oceanographic information based on numerical models.


Statistics and connectivity matrices of biophysical models


High-resolution hydrological flows model


Weather monitoring network in real time


Virtual catalog of oceanographic measurements campaigns


CHONOS Supplemental Information Library

The Chono were a native people of southern Chile, great navigators and connoisseurs of their seas. Recovering that spirit, today CHONOS provides the latest knowledge of the southern seas at the service of society through its applications.


Centro de Investigación de Ecosistemas Costeros de La Patagonia, Camino a Ten Ten s/n, Castro

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